A mission to Teton Pass

Grand Targhee (3:07)

Skiers Tom Runcie, Ed and Will Dujardin and others go on a mission to Grand Targhee, Wyoming. (3:07)

Some friends and I recently set out on a journey north in search of better snow conditions than we had in Colorado. We had heard the westerly aspect of the Wydaho region -- the Wyoming/Idaho border -- was getting hammered, so we hopped in the car and headed toward the Teton Valley.

After an 11-hour drive through the night, we arrived at the headquarters of Cast, the new touring-binding system company founded by the late Ryan Hawks and brothers Lars and Silas Chickering-Ayers, in Driggs, Idaho. The Cast warehouse was to be our base camp for four days of skiing at Grand Targhee ski area and the backcountry of Teton Pass, where the latest round of storms had dropped large snow totals with more on the way.

"When searching for powder, any place that has a snow quality guarantee at their entrance is a good place to start," said pro skier Tom Runcie, who was among our crew, which also included Ed and Will Dujardin. What we found at Grand Targhee, and then later on Teton Pass, was exactly what we had been looking for: deep powder, cliffs, pillows, and lots of soft landings.