Backcountry.com launches snowboard-only deals site

PARK CITY, UTAH— In an unprecedented show of intolerance, the brother of self-proclaimed "vigilante," WhiskeyMilitia.com, publicly called out his pierced, deck-riding, bi-curious sib by stating, in no uncertain terms, his impatience with the Militia's multi-boardsport lifestyle: "Enough, dude," he said. "I'm straight, bro."

Straight snowboard, that is. Following the shocking statement came the release of his solo effort: Brociety.com.

Brociety is the new snowboard-only one-deal-at-a-time (ODAT) store, slinging everything from split kits to steezed out one-pieces to buttery jib boards--all at face-melting prices. It's the pow-lovin version of Whiskey Militia, with one ridonkulous steal after another (50-80% below retail). And it's strictly for snowboarders. Nothing but endless winter. Whiskey Militia can keep the warm months.

"Whiskey's cool, man. He can still go both ways with skate and surf," said Brociety. "It's just not my thing."

Brociety.com is addictive. It's the easiest way to score the sickest snowboard gear for cheap. And there's no guessing when it comes to snagging the gear you want. You get oversized pics of each screaming deal, detailed descriptions and call outs, sizing charts, and insider tips.

Since the gear is only up for a limited time, the store's dashboard lets you track the current number of people aiming to buy, the remaining availability, and the sell-through rate in real time.

You can also sign up for a throng of alerts--desktop, browser, IM bots and RSS--so you never miss a deal. And daily emails give you the heads up on what's going down on the site in the next 24.

Brociety.com may be cash-saving ecstasy for snowboarders, but manufacturers also dig the ODAT model because the ODAT set-up moves their products without hammering brand equity. The limited-time availability forces people to act, so gear sells fast. This keeps the product pipes clear and reduces retail backup and overstock.

About Backcountry.com:

Brociety.com is owned by Backcountry.com&emdash;an online retailer of high-end outdoor gear and center for gear knowledge online. Backcountry.com carries more than 400 brands in various categories, including backpacking, camping, cycling, hiking, climbing, trail running, paddling, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and adventure travel. Backcountry also operates Bonktown.com, Chainlove.com, SteepandCheap.com, Dogfunk.com, Tramdock.com, and WhiskeyMilitia.com. Backcountry.com is a controlled subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation attributed to the Liberty Interactive Group (Nasdaq: LINTA).