The Dan Murphy Interview

Dan Murphy is a serious character and a serious ripper. After years of underground skating, Dan is finally getting the coverage, respect and recognition that his skills deserve. With his Jack Russell Terrier, Indy ever at his side, Dan brings the party to every spot he hits up. It's hard not to smile when this guy is around. Though that grin will quickly turn into a slack-jawed expression of awe when Dan steps to gaps or rails. No half steppin'.
To get inside Dan's head we had fellow North Cacka alum, Mike Sinclair drop him a line. So get inside the mind of Dan Murphy. Nike SB is backing him. So is Mystery, Krux and Kr3w. Isn't it time you paid attention? —Adam Salo

Once and for all where are you from? Is it NC, CA, NH, MA?
Not Massachusetts— but I skated Boston growing up. I was born in Maryland, raised in New Hampshire, lived in St Petersburgh, Florida for a few years when I was about 12, but moved back to New Hampshire till I was 19. Then I took off to North Carolina for college and never wanted to leave; I spent six years there and it made me. It's centrally located on the east and I'm an East Coast kid. Skateboarding finally forced me to go west. Now I'm five years deep Cali but it ain't home. I'm ready and willing to go back to North Carolina at any point if I can do it there—Cacka Life!

How can you claim all four states?
I don't claim states. I claim the East Coast. It made me.

How long did you film for the Mystery promo?
We've been filming for the promo since we put out Black & White so since June of '07.

When is the next Dan Murphy part coming out?
I'm working on an East Coast local video called, YouGottaGetThat outta Raleigh, Norf Cacks. There are all kinds of East Coast heads in it. Be on the look out.

Will it be on DVD or on the web?

I heard you wanted to pull the plug on the World Wide Web.
Everything's on the internet these days. People are spoiled on there. You see new stuff every day and forget about it the next day. I just miss the days where you had to get videos at the shop and they was a treasure. You'd sit in front of the TV for days with the s**t on repeat. A hard copy is more meaningful, and it lasts longer.

I also heard you wanted that for a Mystery graphic (pulling the plug on the Web).
It'd be funny to me, but people probably wouldn't get it.

How come your dog Indy is never on a leash?
His name is Independence. How is he gonna live up to the name if he's on leash? Independence is freedom.

Did Jamie Thomas step in the dog's s**t the day Indy laid a turd outside of his office door?
Naw. Luckily I got eyes around Black Box and I got to cleaning it before he returned.

If Jamie slipped in Indy's s**t do you think you would get put back to flow or would you just get straight up thrown off the team?
I think he'd kick Indy off the team and put me back to flow.

Indy was banned from the Box for a while huh?
Naw. But he definitely wore out his welcome for a while. Indy's got pep; it gets annoying sometimes.

Tell me how it was living in the dormitory at the Black Box park.
It was a humbling experience I'll never forget. It was like a grown man living with a bunch of kids at skate camp making their own rules. It got wild sometimes but we definitely made the best of it: skating all night, fighting for the shower, hunting skunk and coyotes, partying with chickens. We made it hot.

Who did you room with? Was it like summer camp but you couldn't ever actually go home?
Something like that, but I never did summer camp. I'd been living on my own for seven years, so it took some adjusting. Roommates were constantly changing. People were coming and going. Gilbert Crocket was pretty consistent. Our old Team Manager, Drake Jones stayed in the room for a while. James Hardy was in and out. It was cool.

What has been your favorite graphic for Mystery?
So far? Indy yanking on that little Mama's bathing suit at the beach. Yeah, I like that graphic. He's always gettin' in there.

What's new over at Kr3w?
Me and Lizard King got full on. We just finished a catalog shoot; the new stuff is looking real good. It always is. That's why I love it.

How about Nike?
Been kinda out of the circuit over there since they've been working on the am video (Debacle), but they've stayed supportive. I love the Swoosh.

Give me a good Hunter Muraira (of Nike SB) quote.
"Sorry I haven't called you back. I've been real busy. Let me call you back."

Does Indy's leg still shake all day long?
I used to think he was doing a dance all the time but the truth is he's 8 years old. That's 56 in dog years. His arthritis is getting bad.

What's up with him?
Indy's focused on making babies in '09.

Who's breath is worse Chet Childress' or Indy's?
I'll put my money on Indy, but that's because I've seen him sniffing nasty all the time and he gets all in my face with it.

Krux are you're truck of choice. What do you use the little hole in the hanger for and what purpose does it serve?
I like that hole. It does thangs. It pays me photo incentive and opens my beer. Holler!

Will we be seeing a Dan Murphy signature Krux in 2009?
I don't know. I got ideas. Come on Ron Whaley (Krux Team Manager). Let's do this!

What are your favorite things about the following places:

San Diego, CA: Sun.
Hampton, NH: Snow.
Boston, MA: Red Sox, Celtics, Pats and the Bruins. Watch what we do!
Raleigh, NC: Life.

Finish this sentence: "In 2009 you won't catch me— getting baby-itus.

Last words?
You gotta get that!