This Week on ESPN Action, 4/12-4/18

ESPN Action Sports is proud to bring you the best coverage in action sports. We've got some great interviews this week with legends Benny Fairfax and Christian Fletcher and young studs, Frode Sandbech and Dan "Dgaf" Norvell. Then we will take you behind the scenes at the ultimate FMX brap party in Cainville, Utah. Keep up on the blogs— you may just make it in there one day.

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ESPN Skateboarding Homepage | Skateboarding Blog

• Josh Brooks interviews comeback-guy Benny Fairfax. Then, San Diego photographer Ryan Lusteg shoots a wealth of so Cal heads from Toy flow Alex Schmidt, workingman Danny Dicola, Ian Barry, and Jordan Taylor and coughs up a great gallery.


ESPN Snowboarding Homepage | Snowboarding Blog

• ESPN Snowboarding catches up with heir to the Nordic shred throne, Stale Sandbech. Younger brother of Transworld photographer Frode Sandbech and hand-picked by Terje Haakonsen, this is next generation Scandinavia.


ESPN FMX Homepage | FMX Blog

• Some of the top freestyle machines go to Cainsville, Utah for a boys trip. No cameras, no video just a good old fashioned riding sesh. ESPN FMX is tagging along with Twtich, Mason, Nate Adams and Adam Jones to bring you some updates from the road. Let's just hope the boys are on their best behavior.


ESPN Freeskiing Homepage | Freeskiing Blog

Kip Garre isn't exactly a household name in skiing, compared to his girlfriend of eight years, Ingrid Backstrom. Garre has been quietly and methodically sending classic lines in the backcountry away from the cameras, year after year. ESPN Freeskiing catches up with this unorthodox backcountry Jedi and Squaw local to talk about his upcoming expedition to Mt. Foraker.


ESPN Surfing Homepage | Surfing Blog

• Check the blog for overage of the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach and some super sweet shots from the Gold Coast of Australia. Then ESPN Surfing interviews the man, the myth and the legend Christian Fletcher. We've also an exclusive inside at the Billabong XXL Awards in so Cal.


ESPN BMX Homepage | BMX Blog

• 17-year-old young gun, Dan "Dgaf" Norvell spends a day hitting up spots in Riverside, CA while friend Matt Colisch clocks the footy. They hit up some popular so Cal spots like UCR, RCC community and the downtown area and share some love with ESPN BMX.