Sheckler's got a new move for the ladies

No, this is not a double pits to chesty. Jody Morris/Red Bull Photofiles

If the over-aired Adam Jones' double pits to chesty FMX commercial wasn't enough, Axe Body Spray has signed on Ryan Sheckler for a skate version of the commercial. By the looks of it, the FMX version of the double pits to chesty looks way gnarlier, but we're more than positive that the dudes that actually buy Axe will be way more persuaded by Sheckler's studly skating and boyish charm.

Axe's YouTube channel is full of all types of interesting stuff, including this super-random Axe produced skate video featuring Sheckler, Greg Lutzka and recently retired Jereme Rogers. It's a 6 minute long skate vid with a double pits to chesty commercial slyly inlayed throughout. I've just got to ask, what's next? Maybe a little Kelly Slater or Corey Bohan?