Little Rock Scene Report

Little Rock locals, Levi Lester and Ted Huie. Cody York

Describe the scene in Little Rock, what's it like these days?

Teddy: It's really just kind of a select few. Right now it's just Levi and me that actually live in Little Rock. Then there's this kid Performer that's always visiting but he lives like an hour and a half away. He's pretty much a local, though.

If he hadn't done that I'd probably be playing football and drinking protein shakes.

--Ted Huie

Wow, it's just you two guys holding down the scene, so what do you guys mostly ride then and are there trails there too?

Levi: Mostly street and there is a few decent skate parks. But as far as trails go there are none.

You guys have some famous spots to ride like the post office rail and the Kanis park and on a lot of trips, people stop in Little Rock to ride them, what do you guys think of all that?
Teddy: It's freakin rad! The FBM guys used to come down a lot when we had the indoor park. But when that closed down, Little Rock just got a lot less popular. It's pretty crazy, though, because there's a bunch of awesome spots that know one even knows about.

Yeah, what ever happened to the Ferguson Park and why did the scene fall apart there? Where did everyone go?

Levi: It was a combination of the owner losing interest and free public parks opening and ICP. (Ha-ha) I really don't know why the scene fell apart...dudes getting older and losing interest, drugs, people moving away, and a lack of bike friendly parks. But that's all changed now.

And remember if you're not having fun it's not worth it.

--Ted Huie

You guys have both moved in and out of Little Rock over the years, why do you guys stick around then if the scene isn't what it used to be? How do you guys stay motivated?
Teddy: The last couple months before I moved back, I was sleeping in my car up in Northwest Arkansas. Then I got an opportunity to move back and stay with my sister, and I was just like, "man, that's a great idea, I've been missing Little Rock anyways." Besides Little Rock is my home, I was born and raised here.

Levi: My parents live north of Little Rock, and besides, "Arkansas is what America was". Its just home for me man, I love it. I try and just have fun every time I get on my bike.

So are you guys hoping the scene comes back again? I mean the winters are pretty mellow right; it seems like a better place to live than most of the Midwest right?

Teddy: Hell yeah, I hope it comes back! And yeah dude the winters winter are way better than the Midwest. Little Rock is awesome, just no one realizes it.

Levi: I really want the scene to come back to Arkansas we've got just about anything you would want to ride and were always down for a session.

Any last words you guys would like to add?

Teddy: I'd like to thank Jud Ferguson for opening up the skatepark. If he hadn't done that I'd probably be playing football and drinking protein shakes. Clayton Blair for just being a badass person and friend. Levi for doing whatever the hell he does that is awesome (mostly everything). And Performer for always giving me someone to talk crap on, but guide at the same time. If anyone ever wants to ride hit me up at tedhuie@yahoo.com. And remember if you're not having fun it's not worth it.

Levi: I would like to say thank you to Jud Ferguson for starting Fergusons skatepark, a big thank you to Clayton Blair for everything from riding bikes to giving me my first beer. Ted for showing up to super early morning sessions. And anyone that wants to ride in Arkansas hit me up at levi.lester@hotmail.com, thanks.