XG15 Magazine Preview Updates

TRAVIS PASTRANA UPDATE: Last fall, Pastrana set a goal for himself to compete in as many events at this year's X Games as he could train for, including BMX Big Air, Super X and Freestyle. Then a little show called "The Nitro Circus" came along and swallowed up 20 days a month. Instead, he returns to X for the 10th year to compete in two events, rally racing and FMX Best Trick. And he plans to win both.

The week we went to print with the X Games preview, Pastrana was still working on a double backflip 360 and a backup trick, a backflip 360. Well, as of this week, he nailed it. Of course, over the course of a week, the trick changed a bit. "It's transformed from a flip with a full twist into a rodeo 720," Pastrana says. That's right. Two rotations. "It looks like I'm throwing myself like a wet roll of toilet paper and then figuring out the trick on the fly," he says. "So everyone started calling it the s**t spin." Unfortunately, he had to sanitize the name for TV. "I'm calling it the Toilet Paper Roll," Pastrana says. "By definition, the trick is an underflip and then a 360." We'd call that a gold medal.

ALEX PERELSON UPDATE: The day of our photo shoot and interview with Tony Hawk and Alex Perelson, we asked the two to rap about the 900. Alex has been working on the trick for a couple years and was certain he was thisclose to landing it. Tony talked Alex through the first time he landed the trick, asked questions about his rotation, form and body position on the landing and then offered
up as much advice as he could.

The next weekend, Perelson, 18, won the vert contest at the Maloof Money Cup‹and $75,000‹by landing a 900 in the final jam. On the first try. (Hawk says it still takes him 10 attempts just to get warmed up.) Hopefully he used some of that money to put Hawk on retainer.