freestyle.ch finishes in Switzerland

The 16th annual freestyle.ch event finished on Sunday afternoon in Landiwiese, Zürich, Switzerland, despite a rainy Saturday which caused cancellations in qualifying rounds for both skate and FMX. Fortunately, better weather allowed Sunday victories to be handed out to Gjermund Bråten in snowboarding, Henrik Harlaut in freeskiing, Dany Torres in FMX and Sandro Dias in skateboarding.

The battle between Gjermund Bråten and Sebastien Toutant in the snowboard finals proved dramatic. Both performed flawless double cork 1260s, but in the end, Gjermund Bråten pulled his runs cleaner than Toutant. "Snowboarding is currently developing at such a rapid pace. It is a real honor to win such a prestigious contest in this setting," said Bråten.

In ski, Henrik Harlaut landed in first place, followed by Elias Ambühl in second. Harlaut landed a switch double cork 900, which helped push him ahead of Ambühl.

Both FMX and skate contests were moved to Sunday because of rain the preceding day, and in FMX, it was last year's champion Dany Torres who grabbed another win, followed by Mat Rebeaud in second place. In skate, Brazilian Sandro Dias proved unstoppable, pulling alley oop 540s and incredibly high airs. "I was pretty nervous and decided to lean on the side of caution -- and it went perfect. I'm on cloud nine," said Dias.

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