Masekela launches how-to app series

After the E Network cancelled the highly rated "Daily 10" in October, Masekela now looks to The School Of ... how-to apps. Getty

Sal Masekela wants to teach you how to skate -- and wakeboard, snowboard, surf and ride dirt. Masekela's TSO Studios (short for "The School Of") embarked this week on "a new media company specializing in action sports how-to video apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad," according to its website.

TSO has inked X Games medalist and stalwart street skater Paul Rodriguez, adding to its collection of riders slated to provide action-sports instruction through Apple mobile devices. Recognizable faces are a crucial component to the success of the TSO's apps, Masekela explained in a statement. "We're setting the bar as high as we can by signing athletes like P Rod. Riders that aren't just the best in the world, but that also really want to give hands-on, personal instruction to help riders at all levels progress."

The idea is to accommodate riders of all aspects whenever necessary. "We live in an era where every participant in action sports is used to having access to everything right at their fingertips. And that was the driving force behind the creation of TSO -- 24/7 access to instruction from the best riders in the world, all in the palm of your hand," said Masekela.

That includes trick tips for all skill levels. TSO team riders will offer beginner, intermediate, and advance instruction using video and written step-by-step breakdowns. Users can buy additional "pro sets" through the app that will be taught by other TSO pros.

Part of the appeal, says TSO, stems from the diversity of the faculty. "All pros have their own techniques and tips for landing tricks and TSO will give users unprecedented mobile access to lessons from the world's best -- at their favorite skate spot, at the beach, or up on the mountain," stated their press release.

TSO has lined up several decorated wakeboarders, including TransWorld's 2010 Wakeboarder of the Year, Harley Clifford, World Champion wakeskater Reed Hansen, Ben Greenwood, and TSO partner Corey Bradley, for its Wake app, also scheduled to release mid-February.

Rodriguez is currently the sole member of the skate team but other pros in skateboarding and other sports are expected to join TSO soon.

Barring unforeseen delays on Apple's end, said Jennie Smythe of Girlilla Marketing, the how-to apps should launch Tuesday.