Dan Goes Mental

"To the the window. To the wall!" Scratch that. Reverse it. Plunkett puts em on the glass. Ryan Flynn

It was somewhat of a surprise last week when Skate Mental announced the addition of Dan Plunkett to their team. Skate Mental, the Crailtap linked board brand has always had an awesome creative vision behind it, with some of the raddest graphics, so it's a good switch, but quite a change from the raw East Coast stylings of Ricky Oyola's Traffic Skateboards. But, even with cryptic well-wishes from Oyola, Dan is happy with where he's come from, but looking forward to something new—that's all.

You were on Traffic for how long?
I think I was on for about three years or so.

Where are you originally from?
Buffalo, NY.

That's always confusing, because I associate you with all those guys from ATL, like David Clark and Grant Taylor.
Yeah, I always hear that. People think I'm from South Carolina or Atlanta, because I lived there a couple years each.

So you did actually live down there then, but you're originally from Buffalo?
Yeah, I lived in Buffalo and then I lived in South Carolina around 19. Then, I lived down in Atlanta back and forth. Actually, my friends encouraged me to live down there, 'cause it's pretty cool.

How did the Skate Mental thing come about?

Um, I don't even know how it came about. My friends put in a good word to Brad Staba and I hadn't been getting boards from Traffic for three or four months. I was just getting boards at my shop. Eventually, Brad gave me a call and we had hung out a couple of times. Then, on this past Nike trip we were on, he told me I was on the team.

I know with Traffic and you being from the East Coast, you fit in with that rawer East Coast image. But, what are you looking forward to with Skate Mental?
Well, I've always liked Brad and Reese Forbes' skating, so it will just be fun to go out and skate with all those guys. It's just a cool group of guys to go skating—those guys, Nugget and John Motta. So, I just wanted to go out and skate with new people and see how it works out.