Antihero's TNT Talks About His Addition to Fourstar

Fans of the Beauty and the Beast tours (if you're not, I think your brain might be broken), will be happy about TNT's Fourstar addition. It's like a little taste of B&B every time a Fourstar video comes out. Back Smith. Hammeke

It's real tight that Tony Trujillo's on Fourstar. Who would've thunk it? The team's stacked and the shear unexpectedness of him being on a team that's classically on the fresher side of things, will make tour videos a treat. But, I have to admit that I was a little bummed he didn't answer my question about whether we could expect Bad S**t-themed Fourstar apparel in the future. Maybe it's top secret...or, maybe it was a stupid question. Whatever the case, here's a little bit about how TNT went from Indy Apparel to 4Star.

Your addition to Fourstar is kind of a surprise. How did you end up getting on?
Yeah, it may be a surprise to some, but to us it's a great fit. These guys just skate, straight up.

Did the switch happen on the last Beauty & the Beast tour?
As far as getting on, I was down in L.A. for some contest, went back to Hollywood, called up Carroll, said "Lets Go Party". We did...and I asked him what's up with Fourstar? A couple months later I'm at Bucky's Bowl and I get a call from Sam [Smyth]. He says, "I heard you been askin' around about Fourstar, you want in?" And that was that.

Who are some of the guys you're looking forward to traveling with?
I'm looking forward to ridin' with all the guys I've never skated with before. You know I've skated with Max [Schaaf], Gonzo [Mark Gonzales], Brian [Anderson] and the Beautys. And traveling with someone you don' know is the best way to get to know them. We just skate. We all have that in common.