Special Agent Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen is an FBI Agent. Well, maybe not really but Allen was picked from the crowd to play the roll of Special Agent Johnny Utah in a recent theatrical rendition of "Point Break Live." In this play, which is equal parts homage to one of the greatest films ever made and improvisational comedic relief, the cast randomly selects a member of the audience to star in the performance in the roll made immortal by Keanu Reeves. The cast however had no idea that when they chose Allen, they were choosing not just a "Point Break" fanatic but a legitimate amateur thespian in his own right.

We caught up with Allen shortly before his star-turning performance to talk about his other career as Anti and Vans' newest pro and his recent on-screen time in Thrasher's "Prevent This Tragedy" video.

I have seen some of your home movies. How many un-released films are you in?
Just a couple. Maybe three but there are some future projects that I will be working on. Hopefully I will have my SAG card soon.

Who comes up with the scripts?
My friend Derek comes up with a lot of the ideas and then BH films and produces them.

What's up with the sneak attack Thrasher video part?
Mike Burnett got a hold of me and asked if I would like to have a part in the video. I was sitting on a bit of footage so of course I accepted. I am stoked to be apart of it.

Do you have a acting part in "Prevent This Tragedy?"

How did you end up on Anti Hero?
The stars and planets aligned and next thing you know I was on the team.

Who's got the best style in skateboarding?
Julien Stranger, Gino Iannucci, Max Schaaf, etc. Those guys look right on a skateboard.

Tell me about you having to apologize to a grown woman who rollerblades around your hometown.
I didn't have to apologize to her she apologized to me.

Oh sorry. I got it wrong. Wow, how did it get so out of hand with her?
Whatever she got crazy after I asked her not to wax this ledge and the situation escalated out of control.

How much wax was she greasing the spots with to ask her to stop?
A lot. I mean the ledge was so slick that you couldn't even skate it. What's the point in waxing metal?

Could she whip your butt?
Yeah for sure.

Would you ever ask her out if she stopped waxing for good?
No. I think we would have way too many differences.

What's makes for the best Anti Hero trip?
Having the whole crew there and new terrain will allow for some rad skating and good times.

How would you compare Anti Hero trips to Vans trips?
They are both awesome. Skating and good times.

Are you in a band?
No. I should be seeing as how I have a lovely singing voice.

What type of music are you into?
Hip Hop and R&B!

Did you have different sponsors as a kid or were you always on the Vans and Anti Hero flow teams?
I appreciate everything everyone did for me over the years. I got stuff from a few companies but am completely stoked on where I am at now. Wouldn't change a thing.

Will we be seeing a tech Andrew Allen in 2010?
Who knows. Only time will tell. Probably not though.

Any thanks?
Vans, Deluxe, friends and family.