Fighting His Way Back

New Jersey's Brian Wenning stirs up as much emotion in street skaters as I can think of. There is as much love for him and his Hunchback of Notre Dame-style and switchstance destruction from his early days on Habitat as there is hate for him having it all and pissing it all away; I'm referring, of course, to the astronomical Plan B and DC Shoe contracts he once had.

Wenning will admit that the last year or so hasn't been chock full of great decisions for him and realizes he needed a change. After a hiatus from his board, Wenning says he is again fully dedicated to skateboarding like he was in his younger days. He has since gotten a personal trainer, has months of sobriety under his belt, and three lucrative board deals offered to him right now (he refused to say on camera which three brands).

With any luck, I'm hoping that 2010 is the year of Wenning's big comeback. He's fully capable of it and still rips. It's now on him to bust and get it done.