Word Association with Marty Murawski

Longtime Arizona ripper and brand new pro Marty Murawski has been stacking clips everywhere. With his new pro model hitting stores at this very moment, his sponsors, Matix and Blueprint took the opportunity to reveal a few of Murawski's choice cuts along with Blueprint teammates, Nick Jensen, Danny Brady, Neil Smith and Colin Kennedy. The vid, "Make Friends With Marty," serves as a teasing prequel to Blueprint's upcoming feature video, "Make Friends with the Color Blue," which is set to premiere in April. With the help of photographer friend Ben Karpinski, we got Marty to do a little word association about his new pro status and life as he knows it.


Levi Brown
Good friend, amazing skater.

Baseball hats
Snap backs are the way to go.

Paul Shier
Rips. Great mate.

Going Pro
Hyped! I told this story to Shier: In my sixth grade yearbook everyone next to there photo got to put what they wanted to be when they grow up. Everyone said like, doctors, vets and stuff. Next to my fat little face in the photo (I was chubby in sixth grade) it said "pro skateboarder." That fat little kid did it! Ha ha!

Grew up skating them. Fun to skate.

Always loved it. So hyped to be a part of it.

"Make Friends With The Color Blue"
Can't wait for the premier! April 4th!

Dan MaGee
"You're blowing it!" Ha ha! Nah, Dan's the man.

The Recession
Less skate trips.

Southern California
Can be fun. I like Arizona better.

Matix trips
Fun trips, always a good crew. Good times.

Marc Johnson
Love hanging with Marc! He's got a lot of heart. You can see it in the eyes.

Matt Price
One of my best friends. Homie to the heart!

Real Talk
Ha ha! So funny. The song is him arguing with his girl with a beat. R is out of his mind!

Sexy Dice
Oh man. Got rid of them years ago.

All day.

Is the s**t.

Favorite skate magazine?
Love the dudes at The Skateboard Mag. They're rad. Going in to the office with Matt Price is always a good time.

Who's video part do you watch the most?
Lately, it's probably Kirchart's part.

Favorite Arizona skatepark?
Chandler park.

Favorite Suns Player?

Best city for skateboarding?