Matt Miller's Time

Matt Miller is the man of the hour. A Bay Area ripper splitting the last few years between San Francisco and Sacramento, Miller first caught our attention in the video "Seasons 3" followed shortly thereafter by a few clips in the Zoo York, "Ellis Island" promo in '05. Matt kept it rolling with the opener in Chris Mulhern's "Few and Far Between" and then a TransWorld part in "And Now." Late last year, Miller dropped a standout part in Zoo York's "State of Mind." Then Miller surprised some folks when he made the recent switch to Expedition where he is reunited with former Zoo and, before that, Aesthetics teammates Rob Welsh and Joey Pepper. Miller just dropped another video part with the Internet exclusive DC project, "Skateboarding is Forever." With so much going on, we figured it was probably Miller (interview) time.

What up Matt? What are you up too right now?
What's going on man? I'm about to be on my way to The Berrics. I'm with Ryan Gallant chilling on the curb outside of Matt Daughter's house.

I head that Joey Pepper is worried you might curse Expedition, what are your thoughts on that?
All those dudes from Maine always feel cursed. I think they need an excuse. Nah, it's just Pepper messing around.

Pepper also asked if the reason you seem to follow him and Rob Welsh is maybe you secretly want to be them?
[Laughs] That's the best joke I've ever heard. If anything I'm learning what not to do in life. Those dudes have always given me a hard time. But for real they are good dudes, man.

Somebody on the Slap message board said you have a "Midget Face." What do you have to say that person?
Keep 'em coming. I love that hate. It's straight up entertainment. I read all that stufft on Slap.

You just released your DC "Skateboarding is Forever" video part on their site. Was it weird to have such a banging video part come out on the Internet?
It seemed weird at first but it's just getting with the times. That's just where skateboarding seems to be going these days and it's cool to be a part of something new with DC leading the game right now.

Will your part ever be available on DVD?
Hell yeah. Once everyone has their parts from "Skateboarding is Forever" premiere on the site, DC will make hella copies and give 'em out for sure.

What's the feedback been like for that new video part?
Real good man. A lot of people saw it and I was psyched on how it came out in the amount of time I filmed for it.

How long did you film for it?
I spent just six months filming for my part.

Damn, that's impressive.

What was the hardest trick you filmed for that video?
Probably that switch 360 flip because of the bust-factor at that spot; It was a super bust and you only get one to two tries every time you go. We went the third time and Dave Chami wanted to get a photo and somehow I made the trick. It was just a big hassle with security. To do it with the security there just makes it even more stressful. I was just hyped to land it with everything going on, ya know?

Yeah, for sure. I can't remember anything from the Internet. What's something you remember from the internet from let's say, two months ago?
Ah man, just awesome YouTube clips: Mega waterslide and the world record slalom skateboard.

What's that all about?
Just type it in, you'll be hyped.

Ok, Ok, How about something off the Internet from over a year ago?
I like all the little tour videos different teams make. I like seeing those, they get me hyped.

I hear you are a Pittsburgh sports fan?
Yep, since day one. I was born into it and the family are all diehard Pittsburgh fans.

You have a giant nollie, in your opinion who's go the best nollies in the business?
Cairo Foster for sure. The first time I saw Cairo in real life he nollied this gap and to this day it's the biggest nollie I've seen. Dude holds it down.

What sparked the switch to Expedition?
Joey Pepper and I just wanted to be a part of something that was a family and Zoo wasn't the same feeling as it had been at first so I was way more down for Expedition.

Who's making all that noise in the background right now?
It's some little kid, Will trying to get shotgun right now on the way to The Berrics.

You gonna give it to him?
Nah, kids got a lot to learn these days.

Who are you most stoked to hop in the tour van with at Expedition?
Gangsta Hamilton aka Spencer Hamilton he's awesome.

What pro did you look up to as a kid?
Josh Kalis, no lie. He's still one of my favorites and I love watching anything that dude does.

Who's the illest of all time?
Danny Way of course.

Yep, no arguments there. What's your favorite spot to skate in San Francisco?
The library hands down. The session go down in the city after 8 and you stay there all night and chill and skate with all the homies.

Who are the locals at the library?
Frank Gerwer, Larry Redman the old homie, Andrew Ching, Matt Jones, Jabari Pendleton and just all the skaters in SF, pretty much. It's so good.

If you make a million buck off of skateboarding one day what would you do?
Wow, I guess I would just try and flip it to make more millions just like any business dude would do.

Rob Dyrdek style?
Yeah, Yeah!

Do you ever see yourself working in the skateboard industry?
Hell yeah. That would be tight. Being involved somehow would be great because it's what I love and what I have the most knowledge in.

Drop some knowledge on something that not too may people know about you?
Dance Party Fridays at the Newell house. The rules are house dudes only and as many girls as possible.

Are you living at the infamous Newell house now?
Yeah, I've been there for like a year.

Who's the best on the dance floor at those Newell dance parties?
Matt Milligan takes the cake.

Did you know former Invisible pro, Brian Young was the first skater to rent there and for the past 17 years it's been passed on to almost every other skateboarder around?
I didn't know that.

I guess we both got useless skateboard knowledge.
I guess so [laughs].

Is the band room still in the basement at Newell?
Hell yeah!

What instrument do you get down on?
I'm more of the DJ with my iPod.

What job would you never want to do in the skateboard industry?
I would never want to go back to packing boxes at a skateboard company.

Yeah. the guys that pack boxes at the place I work are grumpy and the world's biggest haters, I 'm sure they have all SLAP message board accounts.

What's been the best era in skateboarding in your opinion?
The San Francisco Embarcadero days, the Pier 7 days or the Love Park days in Philly. The eras when there was somewhere you could meet up and skate for hours, like a real plaza in the city.

Who first hooked you up back in the day?
Mark Oblow hooked me up with Vita shoes way back. He held it down and made sure I was set. He was tight.

Who do you ride for now?
I ride for DC, Expedition, Independent, Gold wheels and FTC skateshop.

What do you think of the job Obama's doing?
Dude is in a hard time to be the President.

What's your advice to Obama?
Keep hittin' them 3's

What's your advice to the world?
Look at everything half full, not half empty.