Bucky Lasek Word Association

Bucky's been keeping busy lately. First he built a gigantic concrete bowl in his backyard. Then he headed down to Australia to compete in the Bondi Beach Bowl-A-Rama where he took second over all. Next he'll hit the Protec Pool Party at the Vans skatepark in Orange Calif. in May to kick off his summer contest season. We got Lasek to do some quick word association to get a glimpse into how he thinks.

Baltimore: Maryland crabs

Tibet: save it.

Encinitas: can't get enough of it— hometown

Other skaters named "Bucky": Buck Smith

Family: Jenn, Devin, Paris, Tenzin

First setup: Steve Caballero board

Dream sponsor: United Airlines

Forearm tattoo: Om Mani Pad Ma Hum

Partner in crime: Jenn

Hero growing up: Evel Knevel

Career achievement: having a career in skateboarding

Best thing about having your own bowl: It's everything I've ever wanted.

Worst thing about having your own bowl: It's so much fun that it's the only thing I want to skate.

Favorite local at your bowl: Owen Neider, Chris Conway, Chris Miller

Favorite skates spot outside of your backyard: Combi Pool

Craziest tour ever: Tony Hawk Skate Park Tour

When I'm not skating, I'm: racing cars

Pet peeve: parenting

Biggest fear: injuries

Birdhouse memory: Fallbrook days at Tony Hawk's house

Favorite teammate: Bob Burnquist

Trick you're working on: Corner Tricks

Last street session: Black Box park

MegaRamp: X Games 13

Skater on the come-up: Alex Perlson

Worst injury sustained:left knee ACL

Tunes to skate to: Bad Brains, Metallica

Reading material: Thrasher

Favorite meal: sushi

Up next: filming for fun