The Julian Davidson interview

Julian Davidson is coming in hot. This month, the young up and comer got officially inducted onto the am team of Element skateboards and also came out with his first ad for his clothing sponsor, RVCA. The cousin of fellow Element am, Nick Garcia, Davidson is already quite comfortable with the whole squad and is quickly making a name for himself with solid style. We checked in with Davidson to see how the good life is treating him.

What's up Julian? Lets get this started. How old are you and where are you from?
I am 18 and I'm from Long Beach, California.

Have you always lived in Long Beach?
Born and raised.

Who is your favorite Long Beach skater?
I'm going to have to go with Scott Kane on that one.

What is your favorite LB spot?
Belmont son! If the ledges were still skateable I would be there every day. The 9-stair in the back is still good, though.

That spot has been pretty killed.
There are still some tricks out there for it. The hubba has hardly been touched, too.

Do you think you can name three tricks that are still up for grabs on that set?
Let's see: nollie full cab kickflip, ha ha! Fakie frontside full cab like the fakie [Kevin] Romar. And lets end it with a switch backside 360 kickflip. I don't think any of those have been done.

Cherry Park or El Dorado skatepark?
El Do all day.

So you just got introduced to the Element team. What is it like to be on the same squad as your cousin Nick [Garcia]?
It's so awesome. We started skating together and never would have thought one day we would be riding for the same company. Its pretty crazy it worked out like that.

You were telling me Element made you your very own shape. What do you look for in a board?
Fat and flat. Most Element boards have a lot of concave so I just got them to make me a flatter bigger board with a bit of a pointy nose.

You've been getting shoes from Converse recently. Do you skate the Pappalardo's or the CTS's?
I'm down for the CTS's.

Since you started getting flowed boards from Element you have gotten to go on quite a few trips. Where have you been lately?
So far I've gone to Vegas, Hawaii and Alaska with the Element guys. Oh, and we went up to Skate Camp, too. That's always fun.

What was Alaska like?
It rained a bunch but we took advantage of it and got to do some touristy stuff, saw some glaciers and rode the train out into the woods. It was real green out there. When we did skate the spots were pretty rough but it was fun. [Chad] Tim Tim killed it.

Didn't you go to Hawaii with Chad Muska too?
Yeah Muska is tight. We got to go hike up to a waterfall and all sorts of cool stuff.

How do the Element trips compare to the RVCA ones?
Ah they're both rad. Tons of skating on both trips. I can't really compare the two. RVCA trips just have more zings.

What's up with TA-HA?
That's my friend Don's new video that should be coming out soon. A bunch of homies are having parts. Derrick Wilson, Billy Davenport, Nick Garcia, Jordan Vititow and Brian Price. It's pretty much the Furnace skate shop video. Everybody that rides for the shop will be in there.