Woodward debuts MegaRamp facility

The view from the landing of Woodward West's new full-sized mega ramp. Jared Souney

The MegaRamp training facility is now officially open at Woodward West in Tehachapi, Calif. Professional skaters such as Bob Burnquist, Lincoln Ueda and Jake Brown, along with pro BMXers Andy Buckworth and Morgan Wade attended the grand opening of the facility. DC pro skateboarder and MegaRamp pioneer Danny Way also attended, taking the first run on the new structure.

Built by CA Skateparks/CA Rampworks, the MegaRamp structure was built to the same specifications as the MegaRamp structures used in competitions such as the X Games. The sloping roll-in leads to take-offs with 50, 60 or 70-foot gaps, followed by a 27-foot tall quarterpipe.

"Woodward West and DC are stepping up in a huge way to support the development of both skate and BMX riders with the first MegaRamp training facility accessible to all pros," said Way. "Things have come a long way since I was out on my own in the desert. I look forward to seeing the huge progression and new MegaRamp riders that will likely come from this new project."

"We wanted to provide a facility for MegaRamp riders for a long time, and thanks to DC's help, we were finally able to make it a reality," added Gary Ream, managing owner of Camp Woodward.