Saari and Teixeira: flip in, flip out

Teixeira will be flipping DGK boardswhile his one-time éS and Flip teammate, Arto Saari rejoined Flip after a nearly two year hiatus. Courtesy of éS

Some big shakeups in board sponsor news happened over the past few days centered around the Flip brand. After weeks of rumors and speculation, Flip announced on December 30 that they had parted ways with Rodrigo Teixeira.

A viral video using footage from the Quentin Tarantino film, "Inglourious Basterds" had surfaced some weeks earlier claiming that Teixeira was quitting Flip to ride for Stevie Williams' brand, DGK.
Confirming the rumors, the DGK camp announced Teixeira's connection to their squad on Tuesday with another video released on their new Kayo TV site.

"Since day one I have liked what Stevie has done with DGK. It was something I knew I would be apart of one day. I am proud to be a Dirty Ghetto Kid," said Teixeira about the switch.

On the heels of the departures of Mark Appleyard and Chris "Willow" Wildgrube, Flip seemed to have taken a serious hit.

But the brand answered back with a coup of its own. On December 31, before Teixeira's alignment with DGK was made official, Geoff Rowley stopped by the Thrasher magazine offices with Arto Saari to tell Editor Jake Phelps and the rest of the world that Saari had returned to Flip after nearly two years riding for Alien Workshop.

Saari and Teixeira had been teammates on Flip from when Teixeira was brought on in March of 2006 following the demise of The Firm skateboards, until Saari departed to ride for Alien Workshop in May of 2006. The two had also shared sponsorship together as members of the early éS Footwear team both releasing breakout parts in that brand's inaugural video offering, 2000's "Menikmati." Teixeira remains a member of the éS brand while Saari wraps his feet in Gravis footwear.