Santa Cruz makes benefit skateboard

The Santa Cruz board benefiting the Jacob's Heart organization. Courtesy of Santa Cruz skateboards

Santa Cruz skateboards is joining forces in the fight against cancer. With a modern twist on one of their classic graphics, Santa Cruz recently released a board that benefits Jacob's Heart, an organization helping provide children's cancer support services throughout California.

Santa Cruz skateboards founder Richard Novak found out about Jacob's Heart via mountain biking champion Juli Furtado. "I like to do things that have a direct effect and Jacob's Heart was just that," said Novak.

As for the graphic itself, the board features the traditional Screaming Hand, an iconic skateboard graphic originally used for Speed Wheels, an affiliate brand of Santa Cruz's under the NHS distribution and manufacturing umbrella. The graphic has since been incorporated into Santa Cruz's iconography.

The original "Screaming Hand" is rendered in blue. The graphic for the Jacob's Heart board features the hand in purple. According to NHS and Santa Cruz Art Director Lucas Musgrave, "The purple came from trying to find a easily recognizable version of the hand that would be associated with Jacob's Heart. Purple being the main color of their logo, we went with that."

Santa Cruz is also producing a sticker and T-shirt with the Jacob's Heart Screaming Hand. All proceeds from the sale of the boards, T-shirts and stickers go directly to the foundation.

"Not just the profit," said Musgrave. "We donate the goods and the time."

You can purchase a Jacob's Heart Screaming Hand board at skate shops where Santa Cruz and NHS products are sold. You can also purchase directly from their online store. To learn more about Jacob's Heart, check out their website.