Red Bull Manny Mania U.S. Am Finals

Sebo Walker pulls a massive switch heelflip switch manual on his way to the win. Ben Karpinski

Red Bull's Manny Mania amateur finals came to an end Saturday at the Stoner skate plaza in Santa Monica, Calif. The top amateur skaters on two wheels, as well as winners of the previous Manny Mania stops, competed for a chance to skate in the Manny Mania pro contest next month in New York City. It was Salem, Ore.'s Sebo Walker who came out on top.

I don't envy the task the judges had to go through at this contest. Normally, at a Manny Mania contest there is one big obstacle that everyone skates. But with this being held at an actual skatepark, there were all sorts of options. Luckily the judges included Skateboarder magazine's Editor, Jaime Owens, and Blind skateboard's pro James Craig.

While a lot of the skaters were skating slow and tic-tacking around the small boxes, Ben Fisher, Ray Maldonado, Justin Schulte, Bert Wootten and Chris Mendez all stood out by skating fast and flipping into and out of tricks all over the park. Even though some pretty crazy tricks went down during the contest, it was pretty obvious early on that Walker was going to win. Landing well over a dozen tricks in each of his seven-minute jam sessions, Walker stuck just about every trick he tried. Walker was rewarded for his efforts with the win and a trip to New York to compete against the pros in the Manny Mania pro final at Coleman Oval Park on August 21. Check the Manny Mania website in the coming weeks for footage from the amateur finals and for details about the upcoming pro contest.

Red Bull Manny Mania U.S. Amateur Finals