Wair my dawgs at? Tampa Am Day 2

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Today was a tough one if you were trying to make the cut. With over one hundred of the worlds best am's things, got wild very quickly. At any given time during the day you could turn your eyes to the course and see something awesome happening.

Some of the stand outs today were Kevin Romar's perfect switch heel back blunt down the little rail in his run, Ben Hatchell cab flipping the pyramid with ease, and Brodie Penrod doing the gauntlet of three flips in his run. In case you're wondering, the gauntlet of any trick is when you do it regular, switch, fakie, and nollie all consecutively. But today's golden ticket went to the guy who skated the hardest and by far the most out of everyone in the contest, Ishod Wair. His flawless runs, relaxed style, and gigantic smile made him not just the judges favorite but the crowds as well. Stay tuned to ESPN for more coverage of Tampa Am tomorrow.