Tampa Am Day 3

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It's official, Sunday's skating is going to be insane. After a gnarly qualifier on Friday and Saturday's epic skating, I'm now certain that Sunday will be face melting.

Saturday started off with a bang. Elijah Berle was ripping the course apart. Theotis Beasley came in super hot landing tons of flip tricks. He was even making sure to shake everyone's hands, ask them how their day is going and tell them how great it was to see them. Theotis is a class act. But somebody must always win the golden ticket, and Saturday the lucky recipient was none other than Shawn Hale. Shawn skated like a tornado around the course. Spinning out of tricks at full speed and picking up new sponsors in his winds of chaos. I can't wait to see what all the skaters have in store for us Sunday. Stay tuned to ESPN skateboarding for coverage of the Tampa Am 2010.