Remillard wins Coastal Carnage

Tom Remillard dominated at California's Coastal Carnage this weekend. Ben Karpinski

Coast Carnage Gallery

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Tom Remillard took the win, but we didn't envy the judges. Check the ripping. GalleryPhoto Gallery

The third annual Coastal Carnage contest came to an end this weekend at the U.S. Open in Huntington Beach, Calif. Tom Remillard came out the well-deserved winner with close to a dozen tricks on the over vert cradle, including huge backside ollies, a stalefish and a backside tailslide to fakie. Pedro Barros and Curren Caples wound up in second and third, respectively, both flying around the bowl all weekend. And that was just the youth brigade -- Tony Hawk and Lance Mountain held it down for the over-40 set, as well, with the Birdman earning a plenty-respectable fourth place as well as the Best Trick for a 540 spun over the shark wall.

2011 CONS Coastal Carnage Results