Lil Wayne on wheels: he raps and rolls

Lil' Wayne's passion for skateboarding makes it easy to believe the unconfirmed reports of a traveling quarter pipe. Courtesy of the Skatepark of Tampa

Rapper Lil' Wayne wants to skateboard everywhere he goes, so he's getting serious. And he's bringing friends.

Lil' Wayne, or Weezy, lives on the road, rolling to shows with an entourage of cars. Recently, there's been unconfirmed reports that the star has added a quarterpipe hitched to an Escalade. Quarterpipes are not easily transportable, but the idea is feasible. As the news spreads about Lil' Wayne skateboard infatuation, pro skateboarders welcome him to thrashdom.

Not many people can tow a skate ramp around for their skateboarding whims. "They're not light, they're made of steel, and you need a forklift to move it," said Kristin Borne, a representative at Landscape Structure's Skatewave, which manufactures modular skateboard ramps.

"I think it's so rad that lil Wayne is down for skateboarding," said 2011 Manny Mania winner and creator Joey Brezinski. In case you missed it, Lil' Wayne has been getting pretty serious about his skateboarding. Not many days go by without a report from his Twitter feed about skate sessions along his tour route. Just a few days ago, Weezy wrote, "Jus had da most gnar sesh wit da most gnarliest thrashers!! @ Southside sk8park! Sh!t was krazeeeee!" On Friday, he skated the Vans park in Orange, Calif.

"It's good to spread awareness for the sport ... and if every celeb tried skateboarding, they would see how hard this s--- really is," said Brezinski. Skateboarders respect most anyone who is willing to give a little blood and pain for the sport. So, extra points to Weezy for the nine stitches on his face after a crash in late August at a St. Louis park.

Just like every fan can't rap like Lil' Wayne, not everyone will be able to skate like the pros, even if they have a personal ramp on wheels. Some might even call Weezy a wannabe. But flow skater Joseph Mairena said, "I don't think he's a poser at all. He is passionate about everything he does." Mairena respects Lil' Wayne's dedication to the sport. "It shows that he is committed to skateboarding when he somehow makes time and shows up at a bunch of skate parks on his own will."

Fans listen to Lil' Wayne. He has 3.2 million followers on Twitter, and his recently released album, 'Tha Carter IV', just passed the million-albums sold mark this week, according to Billboard. "If anything, Lil Wayne's involvement in skateboarding will just help skateboarding and push more people out there to start," said Mairena. "Lil Wayne and skateboarding is something I'm really happy to see come together."

If there's any doubt whether Weezy will bring friends looking for some pain, look no further than fellow rapper Lil' Chuckee. Lil' Chuckee is a member of Weezy's Young Money Entertainment Co. Chuckee told ESPN, "One day I went to Wayne's crib and started skating cause he had a little ramp, and from that day I've become a skater."