Volcom's new signature denim

The Volcom V.Co-Operative Series Courtesy of Volcom

Faster, higher, farther. That pretty much sums up skateboarding's daily progression. And as skaters push into new territory, the stakes are getting higher. When lots of bloody road rash is to be expected, skating in a pair of baggy shorts isn't going to cut it. You're gonna need some leg wear that's both comfortable and tough. Enter the V.Co-Cooperative series of stretch denim jeans by Volcom.

It's a pretty simple concept. Take three of Volcom's storied riders -- Dustin Dollin, Geoff Rowley and Mark Appleyard -- and have them put their custom spin on Volcom's 20-year denim legacy. Says the brand's marketing machine: "The Volcom V.Co-Operative Series is a true collaboration of design between our selected riders and Volcom. We work very closely with the riders and build everything to their specification in terms of fit, fabric, artwork and function, and each V.Co-Operative style has the signature of approval from the rider it's named after."

They're built to last -- that's a big plus when you're dropping your hard-earned cash on a pair of pants. They make sense -- Dollin's design gets rid of that rivet that stabs you in the hip when you slam, and Rowley's features the flexibility of a sewn-in crotch gusset. Check the videos (below) for details.

All three are just now starting to ship, so check your local shops or shop online at www.shop.volcom.com.

Geoff Rowley

Mark Appleyard

Dustin Dollin