Mountain's miniature pools

Lance Mountain's Coffee Tables (4:18)

Pro skater, historian and artist Lance Mountain custom makes replicas of famous pools into coffee tables (4:18)

Lance Mountain is more than just a legendary skateboarder, Bones Brigade member, skate historian, graphic designer, skatepark builder, photographer, painter and all around awesome guy -- he also builds coffee tables. Yep, coffee tables, but not your regular Eames inspired furniture that you eat dinner on. Mountain builds exact replicas of pools that have become mythical in the annals in skateboarding lore. The Nude Bowl, Vagabond, The Dog Bowl, The Gonzales Pool and many others -- 15 to be exact -- have all been scaled down and meticulously recreated with working deep-end lights, scum lines, ladders and shallow stairs. Using different woods and stains for the table while foam, plaster, paint and glass make the actual pool, the tables come in at a hefty 36" x 58" in size. ESPN.com meet with Mr. Mountain to get the story on the evolution of his tables straight from the horses mouth.