White talks surf and skate with Leno

"My dog is stealing my spotlight ... again!" Shaun White posted on his Facebook. facebook.com/ShaunWhite

Fresh off a skate trip through Oz and a surf trip to the Maldives, Shaun White stopped by the Tonight Show Wednesday night, promoting his new Shaun White Skateboarding game (hits shelves Oct. 24) and the final stop of the Dew Tour, to take place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Oct. 14-17 in Las Vegas.

Anybody's who's seen Shaun on the late night circuit, post-Olympics, knows the man gets the grammar of late night and his schtick's as solid as his double corks. With no rush, no awkward silences -- just havin' a chat with my buddy, Jay. It's like he was born in the guest chair.

After introducing him as "the greatest snowboarder of all time," Leno asked why his copy of "Shaun White Skateboarding" actually contained no disc. White replied, deadpan: "Shifty stage hands back there..." This easy banter segued into some awkward vacation snapshots of Shaun involving electric guitars on boat decks and rockin' scuba gear while White joked about his redheaded inability to tan and Leno joined in by asking him if he uses concrete as sunblock.

Looking sharp in a mod, army-inspired tweedy blazer and a tie loose enough to get a fella court marshaled by a Japanese Olympic federation, Shaun came off a bit more humble than he has in past interviews. He burned himself about an injury he sustained walking away from the skatepark before the first Dew Tour stop, and explained to Leno that, after a long break from skateboarding, he doesn't like to go to the public skate parks for a little while. "The kids are so good," he said. "They'll heckle you."

There were also a few shots of Shaun's Project X-ish private skate ramp at the Paramount studios and some funny bits regarding playing his own video game and losing to buddies who are all up on the Internet cheats. Shaun, known to be a fierce competitor in almost everything he does, admited that losing to these buddies is, "the most frustrating thing ever... They're beating me as me."

White will compete in the Vegas Dew Tour next weekend. He currently sits in fifth place overall, trailing 72 points behind the leader, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, after wins in two stops this summer. He also plans on competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.