White co-hosts Regis and Kelly Show

Shaun White co-hosted The Regis and Kelly Show Friday. courtesy ABC

Occasionally, the working class gets a glimpse into exactly what it is that goes on during the workday when you're not at work, and if you happened to be home sick today, or ironing, watching daytime television, you may have seen something noticeably different about Regis Philbin.

In fact, Regis was actually Shaun White. In New York for a week-long media blitz promoting his new video skateboarding game, White had the honor of playing co-host to Kelly Ripa on "The Regis and Kelly Show" Friday on ABC, an appearance typically reserved for Co-Host For a Day contestants comprised of local TV personalities and college students.

After trying to convince White that he should be one of the "beefcakes" for the show's Girl's Night Out Contest -- where moms, grandmoms and Alaskan fisherwomen vie for a free weekend getaway in Vegas -- Ripa asked White about his Halloween costume plans and urged him to portray Carrot Top. They then discussed the "nudie scanners" found in airport TSA lines and naked skateboarding (Ripa: "Where can we see you do that?").

White shared a hug with guest Cynthia Nixon, discussed making costumes for kids and applauded the prospect of a "Sex and the City 3" before having a bro-down with Juliette Lewis (Lewis: "We go way back." White: "I saw you jump on stage and sing with Camp Freddy at the Roxy!" Lewis: "Weren't you on Tony Hawk's first skatepark tour?").

White continues his media tour today in Bristol, Conn., where he appears on ESPN's First Take and SportsCenter tonight. Watch White on First Take here.

Shaun White Skateboarding drops this weekend.