Horgmo, Anderson win Dew Tour Slopestyle

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Men's Snowboard Slopestyle finals

Norwegian slopestyle ace Torstein Horgmo dipped into a new arsenal Sunday, sticking a pair of tricks for the first time in competition to win yet again on the Winter Dew Tour and narrowly hold off w√ľnderkind qualifier Mark McMorris.

Horgmo had never landed the switch frontside double cork 1080 that began his run or the front double cork 10 that finished it. But when he did on Sunday, combining them with an impressive run of blunts and spins on the rail features, the judges rewarded him with a 96.5-point score.

The 23-year-old has now won four of the seven Winter Dew Tour slopestyles, none more terrifying than this one, which required riders to tuck for speed between the massive jumps and saw many bail when they didn't have enough speed.

"It was really gnarly," said Horgmo. "I was a little scared for sure. I just wanted to be safe and clear the jumps, you know? Just try to make it down alive, I guess."

McMorris's two double flips were highlighted by a double backside rodeo that he learned at Keystone last year. The Saskatchewan native won the open qualifier this week and proved once again why he's in the conversation when people talk about slopestyle's future. This contest marked his first in a Red Bull helmet after signing with the coveted sponsor three weeks ago, just before he turned 17. He said later that he hoped this result would earn him an X Games invitation.

Veteran Chas Guldemond claimed the podium's third spot (88.5).

Women's Snowboard Slopestyle Finals

Despite not spinning anything more than a 360 on the Breckenridge slopestyle course's four jumps, Jamie Anderson used her singular style to win the women's title with ease Sunday morning.

Her score of 93 points dominated a field that had been pared down by injuries and gave Anderson her fifth Winter Dew Tour win and a head start on defending her Dew Cup title.

The South Lake Tahoe 20-year-old showcased long, poked-out grabs, variety on rails and uncanny air sense to separate herself from runner-up Charlotte Van Gils, who landed a front 720 but still finished nearly 10 points back (84.5).

"For me, style's really big. That's where I come from," said Anderson, who has four Winter X Games medals in slopestyle, including two golds. "I want to progress and learn bigger tricks, of course, but I'm really dedicated to focusing on the tricks I am doing and try to get my grabs as good as I can. Poke 'em out and work on my style before I try to do a cab 9, you know?"

Said Van Gils, a Breckenridge local from Holland: "Jamie grabs whatever she wants and she just lands every single run. I need a lot more practice to get as clean as Jamie."

Cheryl Maas, another Dutch rider, took third with 70 points -- the only other score over 52.25.

Women's Snowboard Slopestyle Final

Men's Snowboard Slopestyle Final