Danny Davis is back

Davis gets his pipe legs back on him in SuperPipe practice in the Buttermilk halfpipe this morning. Trevor Brown, Jr./ESPN Action Sports

Danny Davis has confirmed that he will be competing in SuperPipe tonight at Winter X. The last time Davis rode in a halfpipe competition was at the Winter Dew Tour stop in Utah, which he won, in January of 2010.

Davis has been on a steady road to recovery from the atv-accident-induced spinal fracture that took him out of Olympic contention last year. He went into this winter claiming he was at "about 80 percent," and spent the early part of his season splitboarding in the Tahoe, Calif. backcountry with riders like Jeremy Jones, as a way to ease back into snowboarding. He claims he is now at 100 percent, and that his doctor has given him the go ahead to start competing again.

"I've been riding pipe at Boreal," says Davis, "and I've fallen and I still feel okay ... I used to do so many contests, it was almost too much. But it's been awhile and I feel good, and I just am excited to compete again. I feel like I've still got enough tricks in my bag to at least make the finals."

Davis was quick to downplay the rumor that he pulled a double cork in the Park City, Utah pipe last week. "I did it at 4 o'clock, like three feet out, and I broke my board," Davis said, adding that he just wanted to see if he still had the trick, and was happy to see that he did. Whether or not he will try it again here in Aspen will depend on how he's feeling, and if he gets a solid replacement board in time.

Men's SuperPipe elims go down tonight at 7 p.m. MST. You can watch them live on ESPN, or via webcast at ESPN3.com.