Gear: HOWL gloves

Nobody will ever be able to see what sign you're throwing under these. Is it a shaka? Slayer horns? We don't know! 

Fingers are awesome. They hold onto things, they help us emphasize meaning, and they are like little calculators for those who lack basic math skills. Happy fingers make for happy days in the mountains. Because it's a proven fact that your hands start to lose dexterity after being exposed to cold temperatures and moisture, protecting your digits is a key factor in shredding for hours on end.

The fine folks at HOWL are in the business of making sweet gloves and accessories for the stylish and motivated shredder in all of us. And with with Darrell Mathes and Nima Jalali at the helm you know everything they touch will be gold.

This isn't a revolution in terms of product design and engineering, but there is always room in snowboarding for another company that is truly owned and run by snowboarders, for snowboarders. "We are just really into gloves and accessories; we want to create products that we're happy to use," says Jalali. "I'm excited for everyone to see them."

HOWL makes gloves, beanies, and other accessories that are not only functional, but are stylish and will have snow bunnies swooning. It doesn't matter if you can't tweak out a tuck knee like team rider Jonas Michilot or do front boards like HOWL supporter Jake Olson-Elm, because you can look just like them when you hit the after party.

Jaime Lynn famously didn't wear gloves in some of his video parts, but you're not nearly as tough or talented as him, so cover those phalanges. There isn't a cute girl in the world that wants a dude with mangled frost bit fingers to run his hands through her hair. Plus, we all know how damn good Mathes makes everything look, so why not buy into a bit of his cool?

"The designs are really cool, and we have some of the best snowboarders in the world on the team," says Jalali. And he's right. With riders like Jed Anderson, Jake Kuzyk, Danny Larsen, and Jon Kooley on board, you really can't go wrong.

HOWL won't be officially released to the public tell September 2012, but you'll find them on the hands of your favorite urban shreds this winter, and in core retailers next fall.