Love chat with Torstein Horgmo

Love Chat with Torstein Horgmo (2:43)

On the eve of the U.S. premiere of his two-year documentary "Torgasm: A love Story" Torstein Horgmo takes some time out to answer some questions from X Games fans on Facebook. (2:43)

Love Chat

On Monday, Torstein Horgmo's long-anticipated two-year documentary, "Torgasm: A Love Story" released on iTunes, and many of us who had planned on attending the world premiere that same night spent the day watching people FREAK OUT IN ALL CAPS!!! about it on Facebook and Twitter, and had to exert a considerable amount of self control in order to download and watch the movie on our computers before we went to the main event.

It was well worth the wait. There is nothing quite like laughing out loud in a theater full of people who are all laughing along with you. I highly recommend recreating the experience in your living room. As someone who has watched, literally, countless snowboard movies over the past two decades, I can honestly say that I've never seen anything quite like this before. Not only is it hilarious, from beginning to end, the snowboarding in it is pretty ridiculous.

Not to belabor the triple cork point, but there has been some serious pressure put on some pretty big-name riders the past two years to become the first person to land a triple cork in the backcountry. No one pulled it. Torstein did. So there you go.

Torstein took some time out before the premiere to answer some questions sent in from fans via Facebook. That is above, for your viewing pleasure. For more about the movie, click on the interview/trailer button above, or just drop in, download and watch for yourself. It's available on iTunes here. You'll be glad you did.