Anne-Flore Marxer full part

Anne-Flore Marxer (3:40)

Anne-Flore Marxer's full segment from Standard Films' "2112" (3:40)

Once upon a time Anne-Flore Marxer was one of the faces often seen in or around competitions and gatherings in the slopestyle/kicker kid scene. Sometimes she won events, and other times she would end up wrecked at the bottom of a jump. In every case she turned heads, because winning or losing was never her end game. What AFM really wanted to do was ride fast and powerful, and if she was going to hit a jump, she was going to go big, no matter what.

And then just as quickly as she stormed the park scene, she disappeared from it, only to reemerge back in her native European mountains on the big mountain competition circuit, which she quickly rose to the top of. Now this Swiss powerhouse spends most of her time in the backcountry, honing her big mountain freestyle skills, which are impressive. Don't believe us? Check out her footage from this past year filming with Standard Films.