Real Snow: Dan Brisse

He leaps building to building, takes plunges of death, and tosses his carcass with reckless abandon -- Dan Brisse shares more characteristics with a super hero then a mere mortal. He has absolutely ripped open a new genre of urban shredding that rides on the fringes of lunacy. This Minnesota-turned-Utah snowboarder has been swooned over by every major snowboard publication, has filmed amazing video parts with Absinthe and Capita, and in 2011 he took home the first-ever Real Snow gold. Back for a second go round, Brisse is ready to step up and show the world again that when you are willing to take risks and push the limits progression is inevitable.

You Won Real Snow last year. What was that experience like for you?
It was a trip. I mean, going into an X Games contest I'm not trying to get a silver medal. I wasn't sure what was going to happen but winning was insane, because all of the guys in the contest have the potential to win and are amazing at what they do. To compete against them and do well was pretty epic.

You have earned a reputation for having really gnarly shots in your video parts. Do you feel pressure to step it up every year?
I guess there's always pressure. But that pressure doesn't come from an external force, it comes from within myself. As a snowboarder you're always trying to step it up and do better then you did last year. My goal is to catch people of guard, because they've seen my video parts for the last few years and they think they know what's coming. I'm trying to get some footage that is fresh and new that people will be stoked on.

What was the most unexpected thing that happened during the filming for this part?
Definitely the lack of snow this year has been unbelievable. I have never had a winter where it's this hard to find snow. I know everyone has been up in Anchorage, but it's a pretty small city. There's only so many spots you can hit up.

Where is your zone this year, then?
Last year Salt Lake and Minnesota were the zones. This year it's hard to stay. We were in Anchorage for a week, then took a few days off and went to Michigan. We had some good luck there, but then it rained. We just have to go wherever there is snow.

Does filming for Real Snow affect your regular video part at all?
For me this is the biggest priority of my season, and the footage I get here is just a bonus. Everyone in the contest used shots from their Real Snow part in their video parts as well. So it's not like the shots go to waste right after the contest is over.

The contest guys seem to have the chance to make a lot of money during the season. Real Snow help even that out for urban snowboarders a little bit?
Well it helps a few guys out, I think it's really about showing the masses that there are other types of snowboarding out there other then just slopestyle and superpipe. It helps expose something new and helps snowboarding grow a little bit. I like to see snowboarding grow, because the more it grows the more we grow. I think it's rad to show people what we do.

What will you do with the money if you win again?
[Laughs] It sounds kind of lame, but I will probably take it and invest it so it can make more money in the future. You can't snowboard forever -- you've got to think about the future because being a professional snowboarder will end someday.