Real Snow: Nic Sauvé

You may have noticed that Real Snow 2011 Fan Favorite Nic Sauvé's 2012 entry doesn't have as many tricks in it as the other riders' parts. Though it's clear from the video that this is the result of an injury that took him out early on, what might not be clear is why it was still entered into the contest. So we sought out one of the main men behind the production of real snow, Snow Park Technologies Chris "Gunny" Gunnarson to explain. An interview with Sauvé about the injury and the aftermath follows below, after the jump.

"The guys in the Real Snow video contest, like many other ripping riders out there, are pushing snowboarding to new levels all the time with unbelievable technicality, creativity and sheer gnarliness. It is this drive that make their video parts amazing to witness, but unfortunately also illustrates that there are some inherent risks associated, as with many sports, and a potential for injury that comes with the territory.

We're so bummed for Nic that he got hurt during the early part of the season while filming for the Real Snow project, especially because he had such a banger video part last year, followed up by winning the Snowboard Street comp in Aspen!

Out of respect for Nic and his dedication to this project, we made the decision to let his modified Real Snow video part tell his side of the story and show the challenges that come with progressing the sport. Get better Nic. We hope to see you in Aspen at Winter X." -- Gunny

ESPN: Tell us what happened with your video part here. Why is there only one trick?
Nic Sauvé:
I suffered a partial tear in my hamstring on November 26, right as I started filming for the contest. I went home, got on a physical therapy program, and set a deadline of December 20 to get back on my board and try to come up with a part. But this was too early. As soon as I tried filming again I pulled my muscle right off again.

How and where did the injury happen?
It happened in Anchorage, Alaska. I was doing a cab hardway 270 on a downrail with a big gap on one side. I got the trick a couple times but still wanted to get it a little better. The worst thing that could've happened doing this trick ended up happening. I took off a little too close to the rail and clipped my tip on it. I flew straight down to my back on the gap side 20 feet lower. I folded in half, my head between my legs, and overstretched my hamstring. The muscles couldn't take it and ripped. That was my first session of the year. Bummer.

How will this affect the rest of your season?
I will be rehabing for a month straight, and hopefully be 100 percent for the Winter X Games rail jam [Snowboard Street contest]. And then I will get on the filming program day and night for the Forum movie. But it all depends on how quickly I will be recovering, so I better be on it with the physical therapy.

Do you have any thoughts, now that you've been hurt, on this contest and it's early-season deadline?
This is something that crossed my mind last year. I was always thinking to myself, "Don't get hurt until you've got at least eight or nine tricks." And it's very early in the season, so if you do get hurt you don't really have a second chance. It's a bummer for me but it's part of the deal. I still think it's a super rad contest.

If given the opportunity, will you be back next year?
I would love to be back next year. Stronger and better!