Capturing Kelly

For those that have ever wondered what it would be like to ride along on Kelly Slater's shoulders, you'll soon have the chance. Announced today, 11-time ASP World Champion has joined forces with GoPro.

"I'm stoked. I've had a lot of fun with the GoPro camera and in just the few sessions I've had so far with it, I've gotten more images than I have in a long time," said Slater in a press statement released by GoPro.

And like that the GoPro Revolution continues. Ten years ago the fields of surf photography and cinematography were drastically altered when digital technology blew passed film, and GoPro's since taken it one step further. They've so dominated the market that utterances like "did you see that GoPro footage," are common and cliché, even if the footage wasn't actually shot on one of their devises. Today the brand name is synonymous with the intimate, hand-held or surfboard-mounted footage, essentially becoming the "Kleenex" or "Xerox" of action sports documentation. Thanks to the small, portable, durable cameras we are all able to share in the same visions that somebody like Slater is experiencing -- an especially powerful tool in this day and age of 24-hour content demands, voyeuristic tendencies and social media addictions.

"Working with Kelly takes me back to why I started GoPro," told GoPro founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman in the same press release. "We began as a wrist camera for surfing company with a vision to help the average surfer capture photos that made him or her look like a pro ... like Kelly Slater. Now GoPro is helping Kelly, himself, capture and share his own experience with fans around the world and it's blowing my mind. I guess this whole GoPro thing is kind of working out."

Kind of, yeah. GoPro has been there to document some of the most savage rides at Pipeline, Great White sharks off of the California coast, and just about everything in between, all the while attracting viewers by the thousands. The hook with Slater is not only that he's the best surfer of all time, but he's extremely active on Twitter, which means he'll be able to surf all day, plop down in front of the computer with a coconut water, edit his footage and blast it out to the world. That puts the paparazzi that follow him around at a distinct disadvantage.

Slater will be joining Mark Healey, Alana Blanchard, Sunny Garcia, Jamie Sterling, Kelia Moniz, Harley Ingleby, Monyca Byrne Wickey, Hughes Oyarzabel, Anthony Walsh, Kalani Chapman and Chuck Patterson on the GoPro team.