Looking Sideways at Endeavor

Looking Sideways with Endeavor and Vans (3:13)

As part of their massive exhibit at the Vans Wangl Tangl event in Austria earlier in the year, art collective Looking Sideways facilitated the creation of a mural using submitted images of eyes glancing sideways. (3:13)

UK-based shred-art collective Looking Sideways -- who first showed up on the scene at the inaugural X Games Tignes in France in March 2011 -- has had a stellar 2012. Of particular note was their showing at the Vans Wängl Tängl event in March of this year, which featured a roll call of some of the shred-art world's brightest talents, including Ed Templeton, Blaise Rosenthal, Corey Smith, Danny Larsen, Danny Wainwright and Tim Karpinski.

The show was an undeniable success, but more interesting things were happening on the sidelines -- in this case, a huge, live art mural masterminded by Looking Sideways art director Owen Tozer during the course of the week and featuring images of eyes looking sideways sent in by visitors to the crew's website.

The crowd-sourced project was impressive enough on its own, but it's only part of the story. Post-show, Looking Sideways contacted Endeavor Snowboards and asked them to collaborate on a super limited-edition range of snowboards using the mural as the basis for the graphics. The Canadian crew, famed for their creative approach, duly obliged, and now, nine months later, the results are in.

"The whole point of Looking Sideways is to bridge the gap between board sports and art," says Tozer. "There's endless creativity out there, and projects like this -- involving ordinary riders, established riders and a rad, forward-thinking board company like Endeavor -- prove it. Hopefully, it'll be the first of many."

And how about the future? "At the moment we're rebooting the website and are working on a range of limited-edition 'LS x' collaborative pieces with the artists we're working with," remarks Tozer. "We're hoping to have this on line by April and launch the whole thing with a new show in London." Stay tuned to wearelookingsideways.com for more.