World Tour surfers Seal The Deal on climate change

(Peniche, Portugal, Oct. 23, 2009)— The United Nations is conducting a significant campaign to encourage governments to sign an agreement fair, balanced and effective climate at a meeting in Copenhagen in December 2009. Climate changes affect you! The time to act is now!

You are invited to join the international movement and call on world leaders to agree on ways to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas emissions before it is too late. The Seal the Deal! is the mobilization of political leaders, private sector and civil society. Mobilization worldwide where many voices united on the need for urgent action against climate change.

Fight against climate change is a sound investment for now and generations to come. The failure (or delay action) will not make things worse for millions of people—and will have a financial cost even more important. You can help spread the message Seal the Deal!

Every vote counts! Why not add your voice to the world. Show your support by taking part in action today: Sign the petition Seal the Deal! online—or go to an event where you can dive the "People's Seal" in ink and seal the global petition.

Adopt Call Seal the Deal! by making Seal the Deal theme or slogan for your organization and / or your 2009 campaigns on climate change. Download the logo on the website of the campaign. Create a video and put it online on the campaign website: www.surfrider.eu.