Hobgoods heart Brazil

Damien Hobgood (left) always excels in Brazil. Fabio Minduim

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Those Hobgoods love Brazil.

Damien and CJ Hobgood have always been very open about their love affair with this South American mecca. Damien scalped the Nova Shin Festival back in 2005. Last year, CJ won the first ASP Prime event of the year at Fernando de Noronha. Damo blew through some rounds in Rio this year. And today, he posted the highest heat score of the day with a 16.20 against Aussie, Yadin Nicol at the SuperSurf World Prime presented by Puegeot in Imbituba.

The heat was a actually a rematch of the Telstra Drug Aware Pro at Margaret River final, earlier this season, and Hobgood again took this one, starting the heat with a crushing 8.67 on his forehand.

For Nicol, one of the surfers to be on the bubble for the ASP mid-season shuffle, it was not an easy loss, especially after his perfect ten earlier in the contest.

The surf came up as predicted, but so too did the weather. Relentless winds and a taste of winter accompanied the swell today for the man-on-man heats of the round of 24.

Hobgood's Florida homeboy, Gabe Kling, downed Wiggolly Dantas to advance, and more importantly, keep alive his chances of staying on the world tour.

Mason Ho has impressed throughout the event, as he took down Brazilian, Jesse Mendes. After looking sharp in the early rounds, Brazlian vet, Neco Padaratz fell to Miguel Pupo. Richard Chirstie won the battle of the Kiwis over Jay Quinn to end the day.

The twelve remaining surfers will go to the non-elimination, round four. The challenging conditions are supposed to continue, as the event will likely conclude Sunday.

2011 SuperSurf World Prime Results
Round three

Heat 1: 1- Raoni Monteiro (BRA) 2-Yuri Sodré (BRA)
Heat 2: 1- Jessé Mendes (BRA) 2-Mason Ho (HAW)
Heat 3: 1- Tom Whitaker (AUS) 2- Bernardo Pigmeu (BRA)
Heat 4: 1-Ben Dunn (AUS) 2- Hizunomê Bettero (BRA)
Heat 5: 1-Gabe Kling (EUA) 2-Wiggolly Dantas (BRA)
Heat 6: 1-Granger Larsen (HAV) 2- Ricardo Santos (BRA)
Heat 7: 1-Royden Bryson (AFR) 2- Austin Ware (EUA)
Heat 8: 1-Damien Hobgood (EUA) 2-Yadin Nicol (AUS)
Heat 9: 1-Gabriel Medina (BRA) 2-Tomas Hermes (BRA)
Heat10: 1-Leonardo Neves (BRA) 2-Dylan Graves (PRI)
Heat 11: 1-Miguel Pupo (BRA) 2-Neco Padaratz (BRA)
Heat 12: 1-Richard Christie (NZL) 2-Jay Quinn (NZL)