No victory at sea

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"Anyone in Saquarema with a big surfboard come by the Maasai hotel beach resort please, it's 10ft and all we got are 6'0," reads Damien Hobgood's latest Twitter post.

A couple hours later Ben Dunn tweeted, "Too big for the comp to run today in Brazil, wow never thought this would happen."

And like that, the final day of the Oakley Saquarema Prime went on hold until Monday. Citing out of control, 15 to 17-foot surf, contest organizers were forced to resign to the fact that sometimes -- even in Brazil -- the ocean's just not surfable.

"We didn't have much of a choice," said Event Director Pedro Muller. "The waves are too big, larger than what was predicted. I don't think anybody thought that the swell would hit so hard and even the jet skis are having difficulty getting outside. We can't risk the safety of our athletes, so our only option was to postpone the event."

Forecast models are calling for a slight decrease in size tomorrow, and Muller and company are optimistic that they'll be able to complete the contest then.

Competition resumes with Round of 12 (1st to Quarterfinals, 2nd earns 9th place):
Heat 1: Cory Lopez (USA) vs. Gabriel Medina (BRA)
Heat 2: Lincoln Taylor (AUS) vs. Junior Faria (BRA)
Heat 3: Adam Melling (AUS) vs. Adam Robertson (AUS)
Heat 4: Damien Hobgood (USA) vs. Kai Otton (AUS)