Face Time: Dane Gudauskas

Face Time: Dane Gudauskas (2:32)

After stepping away from competition to chase worldwide surf, Gudauskas reflects. (2:32)

A couple of years ago Dane Gudauskas was wallowing away on the ASP qualifying circuit with mixed results. His brothers Patrick and Tanner were making the push to get on tour, but instead of the top of the podium Dane was relegated to the role o support personel. Not a bad gig considering how much all three of the Gudauskas brothers enjoying being there for one another, but it was obvious Dane testing the waters to see where his surfing fit in. Then an injury sidelined him and he was forced to reevaluate the trajectory of his career as a whole. When he finally mended he cast the competitive jersey aside, coming to the conclusion that life's too short to waste perfect waves. Dedicating himself to the pursuit, over the last year he's logged significant sessions at Maverick's, all-time Cloudbreak and a bounty of mysto outer reefs between hither and yon. During a rare respite from airplane flights ESPN Surfing caught up with Dane at the family homestead in San Clemente where we had the chance to talk about life, learning, and the places surfing can take a man.