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Day Two: Rained Out

The funny thing about flying to the other side of the world is that, sometimes, your sleep schedule gets thrown off just a litte bit. Such was the case today, when most of us X Gamers woke at 6 a.m. to a wet Shanghai morning. "It's still early. The rain could stop," said a weary Brian Kachinsky, sitting outside the X Games hotel shuttle. And with that hope in mind, we set off for the venue, only to run into scheduling delays brought on by an early morning rain that turned into steady showers throughout the day.

The result of the rain beating down on an outdoors X Games course? Not just rain delays, but pretty much a washout for day two of the 2010 Kia X Games in Shanghai, China. First, BMX Street qualifiers were put on hold, followed by Skate Street finals, Aggressive Inline vert finals, and lastly, the FMX demo.

Most athletes left the venue early and headed into the streets of Shanghai in search of knock-off Ray Ban sunglasses and bootleg DVDs, but some stuck close, hoping to get a chance to practice, including Kachinsky. "I still haven't ridden my bike since arriving in China," he protested. To pass the time, Kachinsky chatted with DK Bicycles teammate Jamie Bestwick and surfed the Web in the athlete lounge. But by 4:30 p.m., any hopes of riding the X Games park course were dashed. Kachinsky, along with the remaining Skateboard Vert competitors in the Athlete's Lounge, returned to the hotel.

Because all events were canceled due to rain today, tomorrow's schedule will be rearranged to accommodate the additional contests. BMX Street will go straight to finals, in between final events for Skate Street, Aggressive Inline Vert and Skate Mini Mega. Let's just hope for no rain and sunny skies. I need a chance to use my new knock-off Ray Bans.