X Games Asia 2010 video highlights

Video: BMX Vert Final

Jamie Bestwick shows that he can dominate on a vert ramp no matter which continent it's on, taking home X Games Asia gold. WatchVideo

Video: Skateboard Mini Mega Final

Pierre-Luc Gagnon scored a 100 on the Mini Mega Ramp to take home his first of two gold medals at the event. WatchVideo

Video: BMX Street Final

Two-time XG silver medalist Dennis Enarson took out teammate -- and favorite -- Garrett Reynolds to win X Games gold in Shanghai. WatchVideo

Video: Skateboard Street Final

Mission Viejo, Calif.'s Tyler Hendley pulled a backside kickflip over the gap to cap off his X Games Asia gold medal run. WatchVideo

Video: BMX Mini Mega Final

Vince Byron, who finished sixth in Vert at 2010's X in LA, took Mini Mega gold by throwing huge whip 540s on the quarterpipe. WatchVideo

Video: Skateboard Vert Final

PLG may have seven gold medals from X Games, but he took his second X Games Asia gold in as many days, in Vert. WatchVideo