X Games Asia BMX coverage

Aggressive In-Line

Results: BMX Vert Final - Saturday, April 30

Defending BMX Mini Mega gold medalist Vince Byron kicked off X Games Asia by adding BMX Vert gold to his collection. Despite Steve McCann's variety of tricks, Byron won with back-to-back tailwhips, 540 barspin to tuck-no-handers and double tailwhips. Results »

Video: BMX Vert Gold - Saturday, April 30

Aussie upstart Vince Byron lands his first major pro vert win at X Games Asia. WatchVideo

Video: BMX Vert Silver - Saturday, April 30

All-around rider Steve McCann starts the 2011 season off with big tricks and big air. WatchVideo

Video: BMX Vert Bronze - Saturday, April 30

Vert vet Dennis McCoy spins the only 900 of the comp for a podium placing in China. WatchVideo

Results: BMX Street Final - Sunday, May 1

Failure Bikes pro Jeremiah Smith, who's best known for his park skills, made the smooth transition to street in China, wowing the crowd with uprail grinds to superman supergrabs. Brian Kachinsky (silver) and Dakota Roche (bronze) rounded out the podium.
Results »

Video: BMX Street Gold - Sunday, May 1

X Games Park competitor Jeremiah Smith makes the jump to Street for his first X Games Asia gold. WatchVideo

Video: BMX Street Silver - Sunday, May 1

X16 BMX Street medalist Brian Kachinsky gambled big to win this XG Asia silver medal. WatchVideo

Video: BMX Street Bronze - Sunday, May 1

Street sensation Dakota Roche combined tech lines with huge transfers for his first X event medal. WatchVideo

Results: BMX Mini Mega Final - Monday, May 2

St. Louis' Zack Warden threw a backflip bikeflip to win his first X event gold medal, while Vince Byron (silver) and Chad Kagy (bronze) rounded out the podium.
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Video: BMX Mini Mega Gold - Monday, May 2

Zack Warden introduces the backflip bikeflip to the world of BMX for his first XG Asia gold. WatchVideo

Video: BMX Mini Mega Silver - Monday, May 2

Aussie vert upstart Vince Byron throws down his trademark vert style for the silver medal in XG Asia. WatchVideo

Video: BMX Mini Mega Bronze - Monday, May 2

Despite a hand injury, X Games Big Air vet Chad Kagy managed a bronze medal in a heated XG Asia competition. WatchVideo