X Games Asia Skateboard coverage

Aggressive In-Line

Results: Skateboard Street Final - Saturday, April 30

After defending Skateboard Street gold medalist Tyler Hendley failed to qualify for the final, Milton Martinez found his form and skated to victory in a final that featured five riders from five different countries. Results »

Video: Skate Street Gold - Saturday, April 30

Argentine Milton Martinez got the crowd riled up with speed, fluidity and a nose blunt transfer. WatchVideo

Video: Skate Street Silver - Saturday, April 30

Silver medalist Tomas Vintr called the new street course in KIC Jiangwan "the best skatepark in Asia." WatchVideo

Video: Skate Street Bronze - Saturday, April 30

Brazilian Tulio de Oliveira rounded out the Skate Street podium at XG Asia 2011. WatchVideo

Results: Skateboard Mini Mega Final - Sunday, May 1

Pierre-Luc Gagnon was behind in points until the final minute of finals when he moved into first place and took home X Games Asia gold, followed by Bob Burnquist (silver) and Adam Taylor (bronze.) Results »

Video: Skate Mini Mega Gold - Sunday, May 1

In the final moments of the finals, Pierre-Luc Gagnon steals another X Games gold medal. WatchVideo

Video: Skate Mini Mega Silver - Sunday, May 1

Incorporating switch stance airs and 540 ollies, Bob Burnquist grabs a Silver Medal at XG Asia.WatchVideo

Video: Skate Mini Mega Bronze - Sunday, May 1

Vert upstart Adam Taylor went big and laid it all down for bronze -- his first medal at an X event -- at XG Asia 2011. WatchVideo

Results: Skateboard Vert Final - Monday, May 2

Andy MacDonald successfully landed three of the highest-scoring runs of the day, besting his third-place finish from 2010 and beating out Sandro Dias (silver) and Bob Burnquist (bronze) for the win. Results »

Video: Skate Vert Gold - Monday, May 2

Consistently smooth runs on the vert ramp landed X Games vet Andy MacDonald X Games Asia gold. WatchVideo

Video: Skate Vert Silver - Monday, May 2

With classic vert style and height, Sandro Dias laid it all down for silver at XG Asia 2011. WatchVideo

Video: Skate Vert Bronze - Monday, May 2

Incorporating switch airs and technical wizardry, Bob Burnquist grabbed bronze at XG Asia. WatchVideo