Loza's new Moto X Best Trick move

Kyle Loza contorts his way toward a gold medal in Moto X Best Trick at X Games 15. Christian Pondella/Getty Images

Moto X Best Trick at X16 has taken a few hits and it hasn't even started yet. First, Blake "Bilko" Williams pulled out after injuring his shoulder and damaging his recently repaired collarbone. Then Travis Pastrana announced that rotations on his yet-to-be-landed-at-X TP 720 were still too inconsistent and he wouldn't be competing either. That leaves three-time champ Kyle Loza with a pretty clear path to an unprecedented fourth gold, but reports from Loza's camp indicate the rider isn't letting that stop him from putting on a show.

Despite a lingering wrist injury, Loza's manager, Dan McGranahan, reports that his rider has a new trick set to debut at X16: "It's tough to describe, but it's something like a dead body through the handlebars, but then his body rolls to a facedown position over the bars, before he finishes by swinging his legs around the side of the bike like a facedown, dead body turntable."

The wrist injury apparently continues to dog Loza's attempt to master the long-rumored bike flip, but considering what he appears to have on tap in its place, X Games fans still have plenty of reason to turn out in droves for Friday's Best Trick final.