Tony Tave Real Street interview

Tony Tave's been laying low for a minute. After parting ways with former board sponsor Element a while back, everyone's been wondering what Tave has been up to. Apparently, he's been skating -- better than ever, as this Real Street part proves. With a new shoe on C1rca and a grip of footage piled up, Tave is poised to once again show the skate world just how talented he is.

ESPN.com: How much time did you spend on your part?
Tony Tave: I don't really remember, but it was a blast! Lee DuPont took it really serious with the filming and editing, yet I took it as fun and skating with homies, so it worked like yin and yang and I'm super hyped on the way the project turned out.

The switch backside lipslide was on your last day of filming?
Yeah, we were working on the video all the way up until the last night and that was when we filmed that trick. I was moving out of San Clemente and having a going away party that night but Lee made sure the video was a priority. And thank Jah, God, Allah or whoever that we went out that night and ended up coming up on a trick!

Do you think this part will land you a new board sponsor?
I'm not too sure. If a company had interest, I'd be down to talk for sure, but I'm not too worried about that right now. I'm just cruising with life's ups and downs and trying to find the positive out of it all. Some fresh sticks to ride on would be real nice though!

What happened over at Element?
I love everyone at Element but we had our differences and mutual thoughts of where my career would lead, which brought us to where we are now. My career at Element taught me many things about the skate industry and the world in general, so there are no and never were hard feelings for anyone or anything at Element. I am constantly loving life and enjoying skateboarding more and more now that I have more free time, but they will always be a part of my life story so I really appreciate the opportunity to have been a part of theirs as well.

Did Mike Vallely teach you how to do a proper boneless while you two were teammates?
Mike V is classic. He did show me one or two bonelesses but I've witnessed many classic Mike V moments on film and live. That dude is ill for sure!

Who's your regular skate crew?
All the homies! Whoever is riding next to me.

You recently moved from San Clemente to San Pedro?
Yeah, San Clemente is a dope beach town. I really enjoyed my years there, but the 601 house had to go. San Clemente is more like a retirement town by the beach and I'm nowhere near retiring so I couldn't keep going down that route much longer. I actually moved to Rancho Palos Verdes. It's right across the bridge from Long Beach and it's closer to the amigos for more skating around. The new house has a jungle with a miniramp in the backyard so I was definitely hyped on the move.

Do you like this contest format better than the traditional one minute run contests?
I do enjoy contests like this way more. Those runs make me nervous and make me want to pass out. But these contests, I am allowed to skate how I want, when I want and with whom I choose. So it's not even like a contest. It's like flowing on film.

What will you do with the $50K if you win?
I would try to help build parks and hook up people with skateboards who would otherwise never get them. Skateboarding is worth way more than money, but $50K would help real nice that's for sure.

Who do you think stands the best chance of winning the Real Street contest?
I think everyone in the contest has a huge chance. I respect everyone in the contest and am super excited to see all the parts.

Which part did you like best so far?
I actually haven't had the Internet for a while so I haven't really seen any of the parts. But it's definitely an incentive when I get sucked back into the web.

Are you working on a part for C1rca?
I think we're always filming for a C1rca video.

When is that coming out?
Not too sure, but if you find out, let me know!

Give us a good Lee DuPont story.
There are too many. Put it this way, you don't want to see Lee Dog mad. He'll poke your eyes out, literally, then kick your pit bull. Enough said!

Last words?
Only love and live life abundantly.