Top FMX pros talk X Games 17

X17 FMX Preview (2:20)

Nate Adams, Cam Sinclair, Mark Monea and Blake Williams talk X Games 17. (2:20)

Sure the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour is well underway and has been providing ample amounts of sick FMX action, but with X Games 17 right around the corner, it's a bit hard not to start thinking about who will be pulling what. For Best Trick, there are already rumors floating around of Kyle Loza and his Electric Doom backflip, Robbie Maddison with his own varial concoction, Mark Monea with a Carry On variation, and it's not even July yet.

ESPN FMX sat down with Nate Adams (who hasn't been invited to Best Trick as of yet), Blake 'Bilko' Williams, Cam Sinclair and Mark Monea to get their takes on the upcoming Games, as well as to get them to leak some info on top-secret tricks they may have up their sleeves.