Real Street speaks: Schultz

Anthony Schultz was a dark horse in the running of the X Games Real Street contest before it even began. The newest pro of the bunch, Schultz's pro model boards on Slave skateboards, is just now hitting skateshops. Acknowledging all of that, Schultz is a powerful skater who has put together an outstanding part for Real Street that deserves both our attention and praise. Can it go the distance to win X Games gold and $50,000? We'll have to wait until July 31, 2011 to find out.

How has life changed since turning pro in June?
It hasn't changed too drastically, kind of been chilling as weird as that sounds. I chilled after the premiere. I have a bike instead of a car right now, my car got totaled and I got denied for a new car since I got such bad credit. I got the bike and a bus pass right now.

Who's do you think might take Real Street?
Dylan [Rieder]. He's so good. There are really good people in there. Tommy [Sandoval], he's so gnarly and Eli Reed is awesome. Those three were all solid in my eyes.

What would you do if you won?
Whoa, I would definitely buy a car, so no more buses. I would for sure party. $50,000 is a lot of money. I guess I would get a computer and save some of the money, too. I'd like to save some money for something I know ... but I need a car first. I owe my dad a lot of money, so I would pay him back the $8,000 I owe him for sure, if I win.

What would you not do with $50,000?
I would do so much with it I can't even think of what I wouldn't do. I wouldn't save it but I would have to save some of it. I wouldn't blow it on partying, but I know I would blow it on partying. It's too stressful to think about.

Is it official that you're on Fallen footwear now?
It's official but I haven't had a welcome ad or video. But it's official and I'm stoked. I'm honored actually. It's tight for sure and the shoes are super sick and the gear that Fallen makes, too.

Didn't you just go on your first tour with Fallen?
Yeah, we went on a tour through Europe. We all flew into London, then hit Switzerland then Italy and ended up in Croatia. We were there for a week doing demos and stuff. It was sick and there were some gnarly demos, too. Everyone got gnarly at the demos. Jon Dickson and I were always saying we should be sitting down watching these demos because they were so gnar.

How was the Fallen tour compared to the old Adio tours?
It was kind of a "do what you want" vobe on the Fallen tour and then we document it. So it's sort of similar [to the Adio tours] but way tighter and more comfortable with the Fallen crew.

If you could bring one old Adio rider over to Fallen with you who would you want to bring?
Dude, Ernie Torres is on Fallen so he's the one for sure. I'm really hyped on that. I don't know when he's getting introduced but he's on!

Not many people know that you can ollie super high, what's the closest you have come to the world record?
I don't know man ... I think I got 43.5 inches. I like to ollie high stuff, it's just fun for me.

What's the secret?
Just ollie high stuff a lot I guess. When I got hurt, I just started to ollie high stuff all the time and it gets fun. That's the secret I suppose, I put my feet really close together. If you want to go high, tighten your trucks but I keep mine loose so I can't really say what the real secret is.

Some say it's those titanium Theeve trucks.
Oh yeah! They are the secret! But I didn't have any titanium ones.

Wasn't Aldrin [Garcia] riding the titanium Theeves when he broke the high ollie world record?
Hell yeah he was!

Who's the most underrated skater in San Diego right now?
This kid at Washington Street. I think he's a construction worker; he kills it. I saw him today. Danny Scher, too. And Jon Dickson. Dickson is insane.

What all do you have planned for the rest of 2011?
I want to skate some skateparks. I miss the parks since filming so much street stuff for Slave and the Real Street contest. I want to learn some new tricks this year, too.